The quality of our products is our top priority. Our dedicated team works every day to meet this challenge while incorporating unique technological solutions. But it is not just the sourdough that makes our goods special – it is the time we devote to making them.
The self-made sourdough and the natural leavening process make our breads exceptional, while the top-quality flour from Slovakia and Hungary is responsible for the excellent fragrance, the crunchy texture and the long-lasting freshness.
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The making of a sourdough bread requires time and perseverance since it could take up to 75 hours from mixing the starter to baking the product.


Natural sourdough can contain more than 40 types of bacteria with a beneficial health effect. It helps to maintain the balance of the gut microflora, it does not acidify the body, thus its consumption does not lead to bloating.


Due to the long-fermented sourdough, some nutrients break up into simpler molecules, which our body can process and use more efficiently. Thus sourdough helps digestion as the gluten content of the flour is broken down into amino acids, and the human body can process such substances more efficiently.


All our products are ready-baked in our bakery. We do not use any preservatives in our baked goods – their freshness is ensured by, on the one hand, the sourdough itself, and, on the other hand, the deep-freezing process. Our breads are delivered deep-frozen to the shops where, after defrosting, they are re-baked in a hot oven, then the fragrant, fresh, baked goods are put on the shelf.


We, of course, want to offer additional value to our partners while complying with the current legislations and regulations. This added value is reliability, which is the result of the continuous consultation between our dedicated, professional team and our partners.


Continuous development and improvement is also important for us. We introduce several seasonal products every year. We would like to grow along with our partners. The state-of-the-art equipment and the refined technology is just one part of our product. Our expert team is loyal, enthusiastic and keen on improving themselves – and this is what is really important in providing and maintaining quality.

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