Did you know that, according to the legend, puff pastry was discovered by accident in France, around 1645?
There’s no accident, however, in our puff pastries: we consciously combine historical traditions with modern technologies in our recipes. The making of the puff pastry is an art form in itself. Butter is folded and rolled into the dough in several steps, thus the dough opens up into beautiful thin layers during the baking process. Our additional ingredients elevate the satisfying crunch of the puff pastry into new heights.
We offer unfilled pastries as well as baked goods with delicious fillings or unusual shapes. The rich flavours are guaranteed by the local and European fruits, and such enticing ingredients as the cinnamon, the eggnog, the pistachio, the walnut or the vanilla. The pastry achieves its well-known layered form in the oven, where the water content of the butter heats up during the baking process, and the steam pushes the layers apart. That’s how our dough becomes a nice, fluffy and tasty delicacy.


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