Fit Sandwich

You wish to lower your carb intake without giving up eating bread?

Our low-carb rolls are perfect sources for fibres and proteins while its carb content is half of a regular bread. If you pair them with healthy ingredients, you can start your day with a healthy breakfast. In case you find our 60 g roll to small for your appetite, you can choose our low-carb loaf (250 g); low-carb rolls are also available as a deep-frozen product, one package contains six rolls.

Creamy pumpkin soup

If you know your way around the kitchen, you surely know that onions and nutmeg are necessary for a delicious and creamy pumpkin soup. What would you say about leaving the traditional route and spicing up the recipe with red vine? The creamy texture is complemented by the acidity of the wine, while the flavour is enhanced with balsamic vinegar and pumpkin seeds.

English breakfast

Do you know that in the good old days, afternoon tea was more important than a copious breakfast? Unlike dinners, breakfasts were simple meals eaten with the family, the tables weren’t dressed, and the fancy tableware also remained in the china cabinet. However, the full English breakfast has finally become known worldwide because it can be consumed anytime during the day, as it provides ample calories and energy for your body. Enjoy your meal!

New Century, New Technology

One of the major driving force of our century can be summed up by Muhammad Ali’s words: “Impossible is potential.” Many things that are natural todays seemed unfeasible twenty-five years ago – and deep-frozen baked goods are among them. Our parents and grand-parents couldn’t even dream about buying deep-frozen baked products at the supermarket, so that we can eat fresh, crunchy bread at home, any time.

Bread is the most traditional element of a well-laid table, so it is only right that you experience its wonders with your family.


Oh no! I forgot about the cheese in my sandwich! Cheese shouldn’t necessarily be inside your sandwich: we packed our cheesy hexagon with fresh vegetables and covered it with the cheesy “cap” of the bread roll. Everything depends on your point of view.

Cabbage soup

Cabbage soup – kapustnica in Slovak – is a meal that can be found in several national cuisine. It can be made with wieners, sausages, smoked meat; some enrich the soup with sour cream, while others use cream. As the saying goes, the bigger the portion the deeper the flavour of the soup. It is also a well-known traditional wisdom that it is even tastier the next day.

Horse-shoe rolls with poppy seed, walnut or forest fruits

Do you know the feeling of seeing piles and piles of Christmas rolls on every festive table around the holidays? Stand out from the crowd with something special, yet traditional. Our horse-shoe rolls with poppy seed, walnut or forest fruits are created for such special moments. Sprinkle it with powdered sugar and drink some hot chocolate topped with whipped cream for a perfect experience.

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