Do you know the secret of the good bread?

High quality ingredients, a delicately designed recipe, and dedication. That’s what a good bread is about.
Our baked goods are made with traditional, long-fermented sourdough which we pair with local and international flavours. Discover with us the most valued flavours of the Earth wrapped in baked goods.

The real taste of bread

The key to the perfect bread

The making of a sourdough bread requires time and perseverance since it could take up to 75 hours from mixing the starter to baking the product.

Quality is based on technology

Our baked goods are made with traditional, long-fermented sourdough and we use both time-honoured and modern recipes.

Our values

We would like to bring closer to you the tradition of sourdough and bread making with our product range.

As the saying goes:

Bread is the staff of life.

Food is the most important part of our life that we can create from the materials grown around us. The most familiar and central item on a well-laid table is the bread. Unfortunately, there are families and institutions that cannot even afford buying bread.

The Slovak Food Bank is a non-governmental organisation that actively helps and supports families, institutions, children’s homes, care homes, and homeless shelters with food.

We are proud to be part of this initiative!


Food Bank Slovakia